Hi there!

We’re Splash. We buy and operate wonderful pool service companies.

Splash is on a mission to build the first national brand in pool cleaning. We are actively looking to buy profitable, well-run businesses in this space.

We’re looking for companies with 3+ years of consistent profitability, great reputations, and at least $300k/year in pre-tax profit.

Why work with us?


We move quickly

We respect your time, and can get back to you with an offer in under a week.


We understand the journey

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know just how much work went into building your company, and the legacy you’ve built.


A painless path to exit

We run an efficient process that maintains confidentiality. Your team and culture will be in good hands.


No gotcha terms

We speak simply and do simple deals. You shouldn’t need to be a MBA or lawyer to sell your company.

Explore selling your business

If you’re open to a conversation about selling your business, we’d love to chat. We’ll get you an offer within a week.

Our Founding Partner

Jeremy Yamaguchi

Our founder has over 15 years of experience in the home services industry, running companies both inside and outside the home.

What we’re looking for

We love businesses with strong local reputations, sticky customers, and a history of healthy profit margins.